Bev Wells


Certified Behavior Consultant, Obedience & Scent Detection Trainer

Adjudicator for the Companion Paws Canada Program



Caroline Bird comes to us from England and has been working with dogs for the majority of her adult life. Upon moving to Canada she earned her Professional Dog Training Certification early in 2007.

When she moved to NB, she became the proud owner and operator of St. Martins Dog  Boarding & Training Kennels which has been a booming success since it’s opening in 2007. Along with running a successful boarding kennel, Caroline started obedience classes in the Saint John area which became more and more popular. This led her to expand by taking on an apprentice (Bev Wells).

In 2013, Caroline joined an elite group of dog trainers proudly earning her CCPDT-KA certification (Canadian Certification of Professional Pet Dog Trainers—Knowledge Assessed).

Today, Caroline  is half owner of  ABC Dog Training Services Inc. and teaches Obedience, Tricks, Agility, and Dancing with Dogs. Caroline also  offers in house & center based private consultations.


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Bev has been working with dogs in one capacity or another for over 15 years and is a supporting member of the IAABC and CAPPDT. She is also a certificant in good standing of the CCPDT and is one of only two Certified Behavior Consultants east of Ontario.

Bev's experience with dogs include work as an animal control officer in Ontario, then in Vet Clinics, and finally, before moving back to her home province of NB, as a K9 Security Guard  working with and training  Dobermans, Beaucerons, and German Shepherds.

After moving home to NB,  Bev continued her work with dogs, first apprenticing under local trainer Caroline Bird, then getting her own certification in Behavior Consulting, Scent Detection & Obedience.

Bev now is half owner of  ABC Dog Training Services Inc. along with her former mentor, Caroline Bird and continues to teach.

Bev specializes in the more difficult dogs and offers both in-home and center based private consultations along with teaching at the center.

As of May 2018, Bev was appointed as the Adjudicator for the Companion Paws Canada program for New Brunswick,  Nova Scotia, and PEI . The Companion Paws Canada program tests and certifies Personal, Visitation, and Assisted Therapy Dogs for Canadian's in need.

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Caroline Bird CPDT-KA

Certified Obedience Instructor

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